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How To Write Sexy Emails Even For Real Estate

We’re Bring Sexy Emails Back, Yeah!

If the words sexy emails have got you a little hot n bothered, clammy hands and you’ve opted for a dark quiet corner while wearing an overcoat to read this email, lighten up. There are some hot tips here but you can still leave your hat on.

Justin Timberlake might have brought sexy back a for years ago, but if your memory is fading I’ve got 5 essential tips to make your sexy emails pop.

Sexy Emails #1 – What Are You Selling Baby?

Does your brand and its products and services ooze sexiness or are you the more prim and proper type. Are you the lights on or off type of gal or guy.

Some industries gush raunchiness. Food is one that comes (oops there’s another spelling here….) to mind. The aromatic smell of coffee. The full plumpness of a mouthwatering, juicy strawberry.

But some not so spunky industries could incorporate sexy emails into their marketing. What about tyres being described as ‘full and round’ or used in the text of describing a special person as ‘low mileage and good rubber all round’.

Real estate shouldn’t be unsexy either. How about some bathroom taps being described as ‘limped shaped but hard at the same time. Or a roll on freshly cut lawn is as good as a roll in the hay.

Sexy Emails #2 – Heighten The Senses

Describing anything where you can introduce perhaps all five senses can be extremely powerful. Touch, smell, sight, sound and taste are all senses that send your sexy emails through the roof.

Bring to life boring products like a lawn mower with a bit of sexiness. An idling engine before the thrust of trimming her lawn evokes a lot of pleasurable images.

What about the girl who couldn’t keep her hands of her boyfriend’s tackle when they were on a fishing trip.

Sexy Emails #3 – Moderation Builds A Lasting Relationship

You’ve got to know when to hold it as Kenny Rogers told us. You can’t over do the sexy innuendos unless your real message may get lost. The purpose of every email is to get the get the reader to take some form of action. Which reminds me. Do forget to grab your free copy of my book.

Sexy Emails #4 – Give Good HEADlines

No matter whether you’re  writing an email, blog post or a marketing booklet, you need to have a great headline if you want to get your message read. I know you’ve got this far because my sexy emails headline got you in. I’m hoping I’m living up to your expectations and performing.

Here’s a couple of sexy headlines for everyday products:

“Brass Knobs You Won’t Be Able To Keep Your Hands Off” (a tap ware company)

“A Raspberry Tart Recipe That’ll Have Him Coming Back For More”  (cooking book or bakery)

Sexy Emails #5 – Use Stories To Continue The Journey

A picture might paint a thousand words but words heighten the experience. Add a little spice to your sexy emails by describing a story to take your readers on a journey. Descriptive words help to make the mind wander creating images that encapsulates your reader. Ooooh I’m ready for a story right now.

But don’t be too descriptive or drop in names that might land you in trouble. “The night I spent with Elle McPherson” sounds great but she probably won’t reminder you from the other 473 people in the crowd at the art gallery opening she hosted.


Spicing up your emails with a bit of sexiness can entice your reader to hang in a bit longer – you we all like to go a bit longer (except for the guys at TheShortReads.com who are big on quickies).

The 5 essential ingredients you need for sexy emails are:

  1. Hot headlines
  2. Involving ALL the senses
  3. Having a story
  4. Making sure it fits with what you are selling
  5. Using sex in moderation (really?)

Over to you – you sexy, wild, email writing proficiendo