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Greg Reed 
Chief Content Officer

 What I want for you:

As a content creator I want you to be able to get back to your core business and focus on the things that make you money. You’re not a writer; are you?

My content creation strategy is designed around strong SEO principles to help your business get easily found on Google and in social media.

Commitment is your contribution. I’ll provide great blog articles, email campaigns and social media marketing consistently.

Who am I?

Hi, I am Greg Reed, and I’m a content creator. I write words that sell.

Why hire me?

I’ve written for some great businesses; many of them diverse including adventure companies, renovation builders and business coaches, plus real estate agencies, authors, book publishers and more: 

Some nice things people have said about me:

 “Greg is a talented marketer who truly understands buyer behaviour. He can take your existing database and breathe new life (and sales) into it. If you are not using email marketing, you are potentially missing out on a massive source of sales and leads.... the best part, Greg can automate your processes to reduce your effort and maximise your returns!”

Greg is a proven performer, who has seen the Queensland property market through many cycles. As a result, he knows what buttons to push and when to ensure his organisations continue to maintain strong sales growth at all times”

Come Join Me:

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1 - 2 emails per week. They are full of insights, behind the scenes, latest strategies and exceptional content.

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The first email is amazing. It contains the download link to a free book. But not just any book it was an Amazon bestseller! And it gets better. I give you another free book within our first few days together. Wammo!

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